Call for papers and submission guidelines

November 2019

We welcome submissions of academic articles on contemporary art for this major free-access online publishing project. Submissions, which should be no longer than 5,000 words, should be based on original research and deal with the work of living artists. All articles will be subject to peer review. Please send submissions and questions to



Burlington Contemporary welcomes submissions of articles that deal with the work of living artists or with work made in the last twenty years. Articles should be the result of new research that has not been published elsewhere. Submissions are judged in relation to their international and lasting significance to the field of contemporary art. All submissions are subject to peer review from an academic board.

Before submitting an article, you are encouraged to contact the Editor with a brief outline of your proposal, especially if your proposal deviates in any way from the preferences set out below.

Articles must be submitted by email to


Articles up to 5,000 words will be considered, although shorter contributions are encouraged and may be prioritised.

Footnotes should be limited to references; discursive footnotes will be cut.

When an article is based on unpublished documents, a transcription should appear as an appendix. Excerpted interviews may be considered as an appendix if they are of exceptional importance. Otherwise quotes from interviews should be worked into the running text of an article.


Where possible, manuscripts should be submitted in English, although submission in other major European languages are acceptable as long as they are accompanied by a short résumé (up to 150 words) in English. If an article in a foreign language is accepted, the Magazine will arrange to have it translated. 

All quotations from non-English language sources should be translated into English and the original text put into a footnote.


Articles should be sent as email attachments in the form of a Microsoft Word document, using the programme’s footnote facility.


Burlington Contemporary has its own house style and articles will be edited to conform with it. We use UK (British) spelling and style, and with a few exceptions conform to the preferences of The Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors. 


We welcome film and audio content in addition to images. Please contact the Editor to discuss this.

For an article of 2,500–3,500 words, we recommend between eight and twelve illustrations.

Please include as part of the article a numbered list of illustrations, which should relate to figure references within the text. 

Please supply low resolution files of the images. These may be grouped into a separate Word document or pdf file. Please do not place illustrations within the text of the article. If the article is accepted we will discuss with the author the ordering of high-resolution files and the payment of reproduction fees.


We aim to respond to all authors within three months of their submission.

All submitted articles are read by the editors and if deemed potentially suitable for publication are sent out for peer review. As a result of the referees’ report an article will be rejected, accepted unconditionally, or (most usually) returned to the author with an invitation to resubmit following the referees’ suggestions. Once an article is accepted we endeavour to give the author a provisional date for publication.


Given the high costs involved in publishing recent works of art, we will work with authors of accepted articles to negotiate reproduction fees, covering these costs and obtaining images where necessary.


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